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Chad Weisser

“I believe the most important quality of each piece I create is to evoke a heightened emotional response. For as long as I can recall I have used the word "home" lightly. I've been a nomad even as a child living in countless cities all across the U.S.  A little over 5 years ago I taught myself a skill, an art form that finally allowed me to find my true home, behind the lens.”

                                                                                                             -Chad Weisser



Artist’s History:

Chad Weisser, a self-taught photographer, has achieved considerable recognition since the inception of his career. While residing in New York City, Weisser was inspired to embark on a more serious visual exploration thru the lens, where he continued honing his craft, shooting incessantly for over five years. His works have won countless awards in addition to be being featured on multiple magazine covers.   
Select pieces were chosen from countless global entries and were displayed on the walls of skyscrapers two separate years in the prestigious event "Art Takes Time Square", sponsored by  Some notable press accolades include; featured photographs published in the books, “Art Takes Miami”, “Art Takes Time Square”, in’s article on Jay Maisel's mansion in the Bowery, and three journalists for CNN also sought out the artist in the winter of 2014 to interview him on his shots of "The Polar Vortex" whereby three separate articles were later published. 
Mainstream corporate culture soon followed suit with Microsoft choosing Weisser's images for desktop themes and Yahoo utilizing images for the New York section of their weather app. Both NBC local New York news and NY1 news featured his work on multiple segments. Weisser has participated in numerous group shows in and out of the NYC gallery circuit. Latest accomplishments include; two images featured in the opening credits of new television series, "Damian", premiering on A&E March 2016, along with acceptance of the invitation to participate in his largest group show to-date; slated for Winter 2015.This showcase for Art Basel is being held at the prestigious Gallery212, located in the globally recognized arts district of Miami, Wynwood. Weisser’s preferred print mediums include metal, plexi and traditional paper while he continues to experiment with alternative print methods and mixed media. 


The Man: 

Historically this artist has shared his time between New York and Los Angeles with family roots running deep in Florida soil. He currently resides between New York & Miami, in addition to his global travels searching out new experiences to capture imagery set forth to provoke an understanding of stories without words.  Weisser is truly a citizen of the world unequivocally incapable of remaining static. A nomad, from childhood having lived in countless cities and towns he learned at an early age how to create impressions and extract them in the mind's eye. Magnificent images of the mountains, prairies, ocean, and people are manifested from his experiences and the relationship established with the whimsical and majestic environments of which he encounters. Weisser continues to consistently exercise his inexplicable burning desire to explore the planet's vast regions, thus being portrayed in every aspect of his work. The artist possesses a philanthropic spirit and has been a long-time supporter of charities involving cancer research for children as well as being a passionate supporter of creative arts preservation, ocean conservation and animal rights. 


The Artistic Process: 

Weisser believes the most important quality of each piece he produces is to evoke a heightened emotional response. The process combines meticulous attention to detail and unwavering devotion in the field, along with extreme consideration and precise execution in today's digital darkroom. He shoots at the core from a very instinctual basis, being detached in the field allows the transformation of his art to emerge in the final stages of editing process. Yet, the artist rarely veers too far from the preservation of the subject matter's natural essence. This artist becomes so deeply immersed behind the lens as if the landscapes and skylines become an enchanting visual feast prepared for the creative appetite of one, Chad Weisser.  Structures shine brighter, clouds roll in, street lights dance in unison as the ocean waves pound with a commanding force, all creating a more dramatic effect.  The elements naturally take the stage yearning for Weisser to capture and transform their reflection into art by bringing forth a profound embodiment of their inherent beauty.





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